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STRIKE Apricot

12,00 NOK 39,00 NOK

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Colour: Apricot
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Clara von Zweigbergk & Shane Schneck

Strike makes a virtue of necessity by moving the strike pad from the side of the box to the top surface, turning the strike pad into a decorative graphic element in its own right. The collection numbers large and small boxes in various formats and bright colours that make Strike a convincing reinterpretation of an everyday icon and earned it Wallpaper’s Design Award 2014.


Fluorecent orange / L:5,8 x W:3,2 x H:1,6 cm
Turquiose / L:9,5 x W:5,8 x H:2,6 cm
Light blue  / L:7,5 x W:5,8 x H:2,6 cm
Mint green  / L:17 x W:3,2 x H:1,6 cm
Apricot  / L:11,2 x W:3,2 x H:1,6 cm
Fluorecent yellow / L:17 x W:5,8 x H:1,6 cm
Fluorecent red  / L:17 x W:5,8 x H:1,6 cm


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