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HAY’s Slit Table is a simple metal side table in three shapes: round, rectangular and hexagonal. Slit Table is best described as paper origami translated into a metal universe, named after the slit that emerges when the plate frame is folded underneath the table top. The Slit Table is available in a variety of contemporary colours and finishes in many different combinations. Use them on their own or arrange in pairs or clusters.


Round / Black, white, grey, green, mirror and brass
Oblong / Black, white, grey, mirror, brass
Hexagon / Brass



Round/ Ø 45 x H 35,5 cm
Oblong/ W 27,5 x L 49,3 x H 35,5 cm

Hexagon/ W 45,8 x H 35,5 cm

Pulverlakkert stål

*Mirror og Brass / Polert stål


Disse variantene er polert. De er veldig utsatt for riper. Vedlikehold kreves om man vil opprettholde en "ny" finish.



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