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DESIGN BY Inga Sempé

Pinorama is the board for all the little things you want to keep handy or aren’t sure where to put. The perforated metal in an oblong brick pattern has a cork backing, so that you can post papers, pictures and other bits and pieces with either pins or magnets. The system also features a range of accessories in the form of shelves, cylinders, mirrors, an elastic net and different types of hooks to attach papers, bags or other items to the metal grid.
Pinorama is a flexible wall module that helps you organize your everyday life, providing a functional, charming and versatile storage solution.

Steel, powder coated, cork

Small / Wine, Mustard, Light Blue
Large / Cream, Dark blue

Mirror / Small, Large
Pen / One size / Dark Blue, Light Blue, Mustard, Cream, Wine
Shelf / Cork / Small, Large
Shelf / Steel / Small, Large / Dark Blue, Light Blue, Mustard, Cream, Wine


Small / W:37 x D:5 x H:50 cm
Large / W:68 x D:5 x H:83 cm

Small / Ø:18,5 cm
Large / Ø:26 cm

Pen / Ø:9 x H:12, 5

Shelf / Cork
Small / W:14 x L:36 cm
Large / W:14 x L:67,5 cm

Shelf / Steel
Small / W:12,5 x L:35 cm
Large / W:12,5 x L:66 cm

NB! The Pinorama's showed on pictures are examples how you can build you pinorama.


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