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Ruban is a series of mirrors in different forms and dimensions.


‘Inga is original and fun, and she manages to incorporate that combination into her products, which always contain a new and surprising angle. We are very proud to have Inga Sempé on board.’ Mette Hay

With her intellectual arts background, French designer Inga Sempé is no stranger to the creative domain, but her approach to the design field is unconventional and driven by an explorative and entrepreneurial energy. Inga Sempé’s working process is guided by intuition, and the first stage is always drawing by hand. ’I don’t take a structured approach in my design process but gradually work my way into a given task by drafting. What inspires me most is knowing that people use my objects in their everyday life. That is where my focus lies. Creating simple designs with a light feel, which, hopefully, will add something new to people’s daily life.’ 

Inga Sempé is fascinated with small objects and tools, because they can be moved around, and because tools in turn can be used to make new things. Screws, nuts and bolts therefore play a special role in Inga’s expression. This slightly nerdy side coupled with her artistic and intuitive creativity leads to new and innovative products. All Inga Sempé’s sofas, lamps, tables, clocks and now HAY’s Pinorama and Letter Boxes thus reflect her subtle, unrestrained and tactile design approach with a unique and personal expression that many international top brands have noticed and embraced.



Square Blue - W8.5 X D1 X H8.5 CM

Square Orange -  W26 X D1 X H26 CM

Rectangular Green - W10 X D1 X H12 CM

Rectangular Yellow - W16 X D1 X H20 CM

Recyangular Red -W43.5 X D1 X H13.5 CM



Mirror and polyester ribbon

Oak veneer  and MDF



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